tisdag 17 november 2009


I'm so sad to say that I woke up this morning to find that my faithful old green
rickshaw had been stolen from outside our apartment building.

This was the rickshaw built for me nearly three years ago by the amazing New York bike genius George Bliss. Because it was during the No Impact Man year, I could buy nothing new, so George built my rickshaw--the No Impact SUV--from entirely second-hand parts. The plywood that made the seat was taken out of a dumpster.

The rickshaw, and biking in general, made New York City a way better place for me and my family. We get all over town more pleasantly and more quickly than by any other means.

For nearly three years, my little girl Isabella and I rode in the rickshaw around the City. Often, I'd ask Bella what she wanted to do and she would say, "Let's see what happens." That meant let's just ride around on the rickshaw and see what the day brought.

No Impact Man's Rickshaw

Used with permission from
Blind Robert

It's said that a major reason people don't turn to biking as their commuter option is fear of getting their bike stolen. But let me say that, even though my rickshaw is gone, the purchase cost means that I rode it for three years for way less than the cost of two daily subway tokens.

Even though it's gone, I'm still financially better off than if I'd never bought it. But I'm really sad that it's gone. If you happen to see it, can you let me know? I'd love to have it back. Stranger things have happened.

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