onsdag 2 maj 2007

Återvinn eller försvinn...

Bilden som jag hittade via Flickr föreställer "Vertigogens" halloweenprotest vid ett "council meeting" angående avfallshantering.
"My Halloween protest at Wrexham council meeting to discuss waste disposal proposals. The council has been trying to foist an incinerator on us for years. Now it has suddenly been decided that it's not worth the battle, so they're going to turn all our un-recyclable waste into fuel pellets and send them to be burnt elsewhere.
The depressing thing is that the anti-incinerator campaign groups seem to be supporting this on some dodgy argument that the kilns which they're going to feed with our rubbish would have been burning stuff (fossil fuels?) anyway. And they aren't in Wrexham.Note Wrexham Council's attractive corporate "W" on the placard.The incinerator was to be run by HLC, of Neath Port Talbot fame. HLC are also involved in the new pellet plan."
Ett kreativt sätt att protestera!

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